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Our Mission

To provide quality, accessible and affordable primary health care to the residents of the FHN service area.


Our Vision

The vision of FHN is to be the nation’s model for rural community health center organization and outcomes.

We will seek to build a service delivery model that is organizationally seamless and client-centered.

We will provide services that are culturally and linguistically competent and friendly.

We will develop programs that promote client and staff well-being.

We will partner with entities to create community-based programs that promote health and prevent disease.

We will extend services to adjacent underserved areas, and expand medical capacity as appropriate.

We will continuously improve our practices to achieve superior outcomes.


Our Values

From our history to date and from the commitments that we all share about the future, we have defined the values that should guide all of our activities and staff in the years to come.

Respect: Fairness, consideration, and thoughtfulness to all.

Responsibility: Commitment to keep faith with the public trust through efficient, cost-effective, and compassionate stewardship of resources.

Integrity: Open and honest actions, intended to fulfill our purpose and enhance our reputation.

Excellence: Meeting or exceeding standards of care and striving to be our best.